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  Interview + Prototyping + GUI             Sep – Oct 2021


Since agreeing on redesigning a website for Kim Jong Woong Internal Medicine located in Seoul, South Korea, we had an opportunity to ponder upon what makes a good website. We as a product side knew how the original website delivered bad experience to the users. So we wanted to validate that there were problems, and wanted to ask the users. We wanted to learn about how they find the desired information. We needed to make the website stand out strong by sticking close to its purpose of existence by thoroughly investigating user needs, and apply our research in a visually effective method.


(Behavior pattern)

(Problems & Feedbacks)

(Old information architecture)

(Card sorting)

With the consent of the hospital, we first started clearing out unused/outdated/duplicate website functions and information that contributed to complicated web design. Then we asked our participants to prioritize the information they look for in a hospital website. Using a card sorting method, we were able to recreate a user flow that met our redesign goals. We wanted a website with a clear layout, no duplicates, and highlighted essential information.

(New flow chart)

(Wire iterations)

(Design comparison)


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