Changyun Lee is a Senior at Rhode Island School of Design with a concentration in Graphic Design. His works focus on creating type and graphic design which is informed through research, experimentation, and a set of design/typographic skills. He is currently working as an intern at myQR.

• Yono Sans

• Canadian Centre For Architecture (CCA)

• Knoll Workplace Research Library



• KJW Internal Medicine

Yono Sans



Sans-serif developed in warm, humanist, calligraphic letter forms. The design is characterized by low contrast, minimalist, geometric shapes. It is loaded with three different weights; light, regular and bold.

Typeface Specimen

Canadian Centre For Architecture (CCA)


Print + Digital

Reshaping a single media product to function as an entry of a larger interlinked media structure that spans the physical and digital worlds.

Knoll Workplace Research Library


Brand Identity + Print

Reengaging the audience through a new visual identity while sticking to the original brand values and history. The showroom prints are designed to communicate the concepts, research and data published in an essay by Knoll about the changing healthcare design system.

Logo animation + Poster

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