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  Idea development + User testing + Prototyping + Brand identity            May – November 2021


I still remember when we casually chat about common problems we see in the fashion industry. First, fashion trends change from time to time, but the style does not apply to everyone. We share a unique physical appearance of our own, and it is thus essential to dig through a pile of clothes that is just for us. Second, we figured out that most stylists have difficulty in bringing up enough attention to advertise themselves even when the interest in fashion have increased overall. To solve this problem, we decided to create a refined proposal head-to-head and sent it to fashion experts and stylists to get help on bringing interesting ideas to life.


  • 66% of the stylists in the United States get paid only the minimum wage for their work.

  • Due to COVID-19, 61% of respondents showed an increment in online shopping behaviors for clothes.

  • While there are online platforms that provide styling recommendations through algorithm, there are no 1:1 online styling service.


  • Allow stylists to earn a living by having virtual customers through self-advertisement of their work.

  • Implement a digital space where photos of various styles appear according to personal stylistic preferences.

  • Create a social hub where stylists and users meet and have a discussion.


Even if it wouldn’t be the best outcome of the style, stylists can still style the user who doesn’t want to buy new clothes based on the clothing they have. Furthermore, it could avoid users buying similar clothings.

Get styling advice with your clothes 

After the interview with the expert, we figured out that each stylist has the style they are specialized in. Utilizing the preview system of the stylists' style would give users a closer insight into what the individual stylists are specialized at.

Stylists have their stylistic preference too

​Since people feel reluctant to share too much information about themselves online, our goal is to reduce the amount of information the users are required to share. We were able to trim down the information needed.

Require less personal information

(User persona)

(Flow chart)


(User test)


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